Create A Dora Bedroom For That Special Little Girl

Almost every little girl just loves Dora and her trusty side-kick Boots. It’s a craze that created so many things that you can use to decorate a bedroom for that special little girl.

You can easily find everything from the bed set and curtains, to clocks and artwork. But, you can also easily create one of a kind items to decorate a Dora dream room.

The biggest purchase you’ll have to make will be a Dora bedding set and they’re really not that expensive. You can find them at about any discount store and they’ll usually include the sheets to. You may even be able to find several designs, so that you can get the look that you want.

Another great place to find Dora items is at thrift stores and yard sales. This is a great way to get a lot of stuff really cheap and allow you to have more to decorate with if you’re on a budget.

Since my grand daughter loved Dora so much, I’d always watch for deals on Dora items. I gathered up a lot of stuff from the thrift store and found some stuff at the flea market.

I’d found several dolls in different sizes, a couple of monkeys and a sheet that was in really good shape. I also found an alarm clock that featured Dora and Boots!

I used the sheet to make some extra pillows to add to the bed and made a large Dora pillow for her to sit on in the floor when she was playing. To make the fabric stretch farther and make more pillows, I choose a matching solid fabric for the back of the pillow covers.

I also cut some of the Dora, Boots and other items out of the sheet. I ironed them onto some wonder under bonding material and used them to create a small wall hanging to go over the head of her bed.

Using wonder under is great way to create crafts. It’s a fusible material that has a peel off backing. You can cut out any design and then iron it onto the fabric, peel off the backing and iron it into place on another background fabric.

To keep the edges from fraying you can go around them with a thin line of matching fabric paints. It’s washable and you can design your own scenery, just don’t leave it in a hot dryer or it may peel off.

I used a sky blue background material and then just cut some green grass out free hand style. I cut a tree trunk out of some brown material and just made tiny scallops around the edge of a green circle for the tree top.

You can add almost anything you want to the wall hanging. Some small silk daisies will really stand out in the grass! Just remove the stems and sew or glue them into place.

My end result was a rectangle wall hanging that was the same width as her bed. It featured Dora and Boots walking among some trees, with butterflies and flowers.

We then hung some small brown rope from the ceiling in various parts of the room and hung the stuffed monkeys from them. We found a perfect color that almost looked like vines in a jungle.

I had a small wooden shelf in the closet that I didn’t use anymore and we painted it a pretty bright pink to match the comforter set. We used it to hold her clock and set some Dora figures on it to add to the theme.

We made our own Dora framed art, by cutting some Dora themed place mats and placing the pieces into some picture frames. One of the placemats was also used for the table beside her bed instead of a table cloth.
Wal-Mart had a selection of several Dora placemats and they made nice looking pictures.

There’s so many Dora items that you can purchase if you don’t have the crafing knowledge or the time to make things from scratch. The crafting things that you can do with any theme are almost limitless. You’d be surprised at how cheap you can do a whole room with just a little creativity!