Using a High Power Pressure Washer To Clean

Many times moss and dirt can grow in outside areas of your home such as on a wooden porch or areas where bricks are exposed to moisture. The best way to clean hard to remove dirt and moss is to use a high power pressure washer. You can use a washer like this to clean decks, patios, brick walkways, and house sidings.

The water coming form the pressure washer can be adjusted to make a small thin stream to a fan spray. There are also cleaning products that you can mix with the water in order to use on tougher jobs.

The best way to clean siding, wooden decks, and brick patios is with a high power pressure washer. You can buy a pressure washer at hardware stores and at some paint stores. They usually are in the price range of $1,500 $2,500 depending on what type of model it is and how much power it generates. You can also rent pressure washers as well. You should know that if you rent it may actually cost more in the long run if you are cleaning often. A good rule is when thinking of buying an item in which you can rent is if the cost of the rental will be the same of the purchase price over a period of two years it may be a good option to buy.

If you plan on using the washer around you house you should use a pressure washer that will be able to generate at least 1,500 pounds of pressure per square inch (psi). When you clean brick walkways or patios keep the end of the washer 10-12 inches away from the brick surface so you do not damage the mortar joints. If your brick walkway is not put together with concrete do not use a pressure washer.

When cleaning with the washer clean a small area using lower pressure and a wide fan spray pattern. If it still does not clean the area you can increase the pressure gradually or decrease the pattern of the spray until the surface is easier to clean. You should never use more pressure or narrow the fan pattern to clean the surface better as it may damage the area you are trying to clean.

If your patio is very dirty you should also use a commercial cleaning additive. You can purchase these wherever you can buy or rent pressure washers. If you are not sure what you need talk to the salesperson and tell them what you are looking to clean.

It may be the case that after you thoroughly clean with a pressure washer you can then get by without having to use it again. You can buy a special nozzle for your garden hose that will give you a narrow stream of water. Obviously this will not give you as much pressure as a washer but you can still clean on a regular basis and save money by not buying or renting a pressure washer.

Safety Tip - The water that comes out of the tip of the pressure washer can be very dangerous so make sure you have control of the washer when using it. The spray can cut through the skin and even take it off if the spray comes into contact with it.