Removing Pesky Wine Stains

The dreaded red wine stains are one of the worst stains that a person can encounter. One accidental spill can result in the ruin of that perfect piece of clothing. However there are steps you can take to effectively combat these wine stains and save your favorite piece of clothing. As with any stain the techniques listed below will work much better if you attack the stain before it has a chance to fully soak into the material and dry. The major steps you need to follow to successfully combat a wine stain are blotting, mixture, and washing


The first step you need to take when you are removing a stain is to check the label of the clothing to ensure that it isn’t dry clean only. If the article of clothing is only intended to only be dry cleaned, you shouldn’t attempt to pretreat the stain as it could affect your dry cleaners ability to remove the stain. If the clothing is machine washable you should use white paper towels to blot at the stain to remove any excess liquid. This will help prevent further damage and will give you more time to treat the stained area.


Getting the right mixture of cleaner to combat a wine stain is essential if you are to have any chance at removing the wine stain. A great mixture to use that consists of materials commonly found in a home is a small amount of detergent/dish soap, and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide mixed together in a container. You should liberally cover the stained area of the fabric in this mixture and allow it to soak for ten to fifteen minutes.


Once the stain has been fully soaked and the mixture has been given time to settle into place you are now ready to place the piece of clothing into the washing machine. You should wash the stained clothing in cold water for two full cycles and then allow the article of clothing to air dry.