Microfiber Cloths and Mops Provide a Cleaner Home

If you’re still using ordinary cleaning rags to clean your home, you’re not getting it as clean as it can be! Ordinary rags like cotton and terry cloth pick up some of the dirt, but they just move most of it around to another area.

The best way to get your home the cleanest is to use microfiber cloths for all of your cleaning. Microfiber cloth is specially made with tiny wedges all through the fabric. These wedges collect dust and dirt and hold it there!

Microfiber literally grabs the dirt and pulls it inside the wedges until you wash it out of the cloth! It’s like a tiny vacuum that sucks up all of the dust and dirt!

If you or anyone in your household has allergies, this cloth can help reduce the effects by giving you a cleaner dust free home! It can make your home a healthier place to be!

Studies have proven that microfiber will even disinfect surfaces! It can remove just as much bacteria with plain water as an ordinary cleaning rag can when used with a chemical disinfectant! Another good plus for any allergy sufferers!

You’ll also be able to stop using other cleaners such as furniture polish. You can either use the microfiber dry or slightly damp and dust all of your furniture. Since the fiber picks up all of the dust, your furniture will shine just like you’d used a polish!

The powerful scrubbing ability of microfiber can even remove the soap scum from your tub and shower. Yet, the fabric is so soft that it won’t damage any of your wood furniture or plastic items.

For streak free, sparking windows and mirrors, simply wipe them with a damp microfiber cloth. You don’t even have to use window cleaner and you don’t have to dry the windows or mirrors unless you want to.

It’s a great way to wash your dishes, clean that greasy stove and make stainless steel kitchen appliances and cookware shine. You can even use it on your counters and sink to kill germs and bacteria.

If you have a pet, then you have pet hair and dander. You can greatly reduce those allergens by rubbing your pet with a damp microfiber cloth in between baths. The fiber will collect the loose hair and dander and prevent it from going into your carpets and furniture.

Microfiber is also a excellent way to keep your television and computer screens clean and clear. These are hard surfaces to get really clean, rags just wipe the dust around the screen and you have to wipe them over and over. But, with microfiber cloths, you can get all of the dirt in a few swipes!

You can also purchase microfiber mops that will get your floors cleaner than any regular mop. Some hospitals have even started using this type of mop to keep their facility cleaner and to keep from using harsh chemicals.

While microfiber cloths and mops may cost more than the conventional type, the savings is enormous! You can save hundreds of dollars per year on the cost of chemical cleaners alone. But, you will also need to use a lot less water to do the same cleaning chores.

Microfiber mops and cloths will last around ten times longer than a regular rags or a cotton mop that starts falling apart after several uses. And, your home will be a whole lot cleaner!

Using this type of cloths and mops will help you do your part in reducing air pollution caused by harsh chemicals and aerosol cleaners. The air in your home will be much healthier to breathe and your allergy symptoms won’t be as bad.