Giving Your Refrigerator a Good Cleaning

Keeping your fridge and other appliances clean is essential as it helps to keep your food fresh and healthy. If you don’t maintain a clean germ free environment in your kitchen you could be risky serious disease and your foods can take on smells or scents that are unattractive. Properly cleaning your fridge takes about ten to twenty minutes and is a very easy task to complete. Before you begin you should unplug your fridge or turn the thermostat controls to off as this will save hydro while you have the doors open for cleaning.

Next you are going to want to remove the pan located underneath the fridge and remove every item from inside your fridge. Now that you have everything out of the fridge it should be fairly clear to you what has expired or what is going moldy, you should take this opportunity to discard items that have spoiled.

Next you should remove all of the shelving, racks, and containment drawers that are located within the fridge. This makes the cleaning of these items much easier and less time consuming. The best method for cleaning these items is to soak them in warm water mixed with dish soap as this will remove the majority of the mess. After you have finished soaking the shelves you may need to use a brush to remove any dried on substances that weren’t removed during the scrubbing.

Next you can turn your attention to the fridge now that it is completely empty. You will want to use a cloth and dish soap to wash down the walls of the fridge. If the odor coming from the fridge is especially strong you may want to mix a spoonful or two of baking soda into the mix to remove any smells. After you have covered every inch of the fridge you should use a different cloth a bucket full of warm water to rinse away any residue left over from the soap or the baking soda.

Once the fridge has been sufficiently dried up, you will need to replace all of the shelving and drawers into their proper positions. As you are putting the food and other items you may want to wipe down items that have been spilt or that feel sticky to the touch. After you plug the fridge back into the plug you should wash the exterior of the fridge and the moldings that are located around the doors of the fridge using the same methods that you used to clean the interior of the fridge.