Keeping Your Bathroom Looking Spotless

Cleaning your bathroom can be a difficult and time consuming task that no one likes doing. However there are steps you can take to make cleaning your bathroom a lot faster and a little bit more enjoyable. The majority of the information listed in this article relates to mirrors, tubs and showers, and toilets.


Mirrors are one of the most annoying surfaces to clean in a bathroom because they often end up with an irritating film or are left with streaks that mar the surface and beauty of the mirror. To combat this problem it is easiest to use a mixture that consists of one third vinegar, one forth hydrogen peroxide, and the rest water. This cleaner mixture will result in mirrors that are so clean and spotless that you won’t believe your eyes.

Tubs and Showers

As you’ve noticed once you have used your shower for a couple of weeks you will notice that spots begin to appear on the walls of the tub and showers. This is caused by alkaline in the water and the frequency of the reoccurrence of the spots depends on how much alkaline is in you water. The easiest way to incase the duration of periods between these spots is to make a routine of wiping down the tub or shower after every use.

Another major cause of build up in showers and tubs is caused by talc that is commonly found in bar soap products. This problem has a very quick and simple solution, switch! If you switch to a liquid soap that is talc free you will no longer suffer from this type of build up problem.

The easiest way to clean a shower curtain is believe it or not throw it in the washing machine. These plastic curtains are completely machine washable and once you have thrown them in the wash they will come out looking as good as new.


The last but certainly not least is the toilet! The major problem that people encounter with cleaning the toilet is toilet bowl rings. These rings are again caused by alkaline traveling through the water and this can be a disgusting task if you are doing it by hand. The easiest way to clean up these rings is to pour two cups of vinegar into the toilet once a month. The vinegar will quickly dissolve the alkaline ring and will leave your toilet looking shiny and new.