Keep Dirt Out of Your Home With the Right Doormat

You should keep as much dirt as you can outside your house, as possible, so you do not have to clean as much of it inside. It is easier to try to prevent the dirt from coming inside than to deal with it once the damage has been done. The best thing you can do to keep dirt out of your home is to use doormats.

For every entrance to your home you should have a doormat to keep dirt from being tracked in on shoes. Most of the dirt comes from the outside and much of it is on the bottom of people’s shoes. By having a good doormat you can drastically keep dirt and grime out of your home.

So what type of doormat should you choose? The best choice is the heavy-duty type doormats that you see at a lot at supermarkets, hospitals, and retail stores. These are called walk-off mats and they can be bought at many home improvement stores and janitorial supply stores. These types of doormats are a little longer as those extra steps will take off more dirt and grime from the bottom of people’s shoes.

Generally doormats are made of either rubber or vinyl backed synthetic turf. For the inside of your home walk off doormats can come in either nylon or olefin, which has vinyl or rubber backing. These types of indoor mats come in darker, dirt hiding colors that can match with the décor of your home. The indoor mat should be long enough so that both of the person’s feet will be walking across the matt before they enter the home. Make sure that the mat is not too big, which may impede the movement of the door.

Floor mats are a good idea to put near high traffic areas, as well as spots where they may be a lot of spills. Cleanups in these areas are much easier when you have to simply clean the mat rather than clean the entire floor.

Doormats do not need a lot of maintenance. All you have to do is take them outside, every once in a while, and shake them out or go over them with a vacuum cleaner. When mats are really dirty you can hose them down and wash them with a scrub brush and little bit of soapy water. Air-dry them once you are done cleaning them. Your mats have to be fully dry before you put them back out. If there is any moisture underneath the mats it may damage the floor and cause mold and mildew to form. If your mats are threadbare at all replace them right away, as worn mats do not work as well as newer ones and you will begin to see more and more dirt in your home the older your doormats are.