How to Take the Clutter Out of Your Garage

Many times your garage can be a place that is a magnet for clutter. If you take some time to organize your garage you can have space for your things as well as making the garage less dangerous to move around.

Here are some steps you can take to take the clutter out of your garage.

* Keep your bikes out of traffic zones. You can hang bikes from hooks, racks, or clips. You can also keep your bikes in an outside shed or shelves in your garage.

Keep your athletic equipment in order. You can use racks and shelves to store your athletic gear. Many times after we compete in sports we just throw the equipment in the garage but this can only clutter it up. There are shelves and racks especially designed for sports equipment.

* Much like sports equipment have a special area for your camping equipment. You can store your camping equipment in your rafters or in high shelves since you, usually, do not use them very often. If it is during the summer you can store them closer to the car so you can get to them easier.

* If you have a tight garage buy a fold down table. You can lay it flush with the wall when you are not using it. When you need some flat space you can take it out and use it for whatever you need to be done.

* Use stackable storage drawers. These kind of drawers can be arranged so that they will fit anywhere in your garage. This can free up space on the ground making it easier for you to move around in the garage. You can keep spots equipment, tools, garden supplies, and toys, pretty much anything that can clutter up your garage.

* You can use cheap rain gutter in order to create storage space for things such as molding, thin lumber, and pipes. Anything that is long and thin can be stored in these rain gutters. When you install the gutters you can use plastic or aluminum ones and cut them to the desired length. Then you can use screws in order to fasten the mounting brackets onto the studs and then snapping the gutters into place. The brackets by themselves can be used as hooks where you can store hoses, extension cords, wire coils, and ropes.

* Have a bench in your garage where you can sit down and work on projects as well as put on sports gear and pack up other gear. You can even have a bench that has shelves underneath so you can put things such as wet shoes and boots.

* Take advantage of space you have in your rafters. If you have rafters use them as you can store things up there that you do not use often. Seasonal decorations are good to store in rafters and when the season comes around you can get them down. Any item that you do not need access to often can be stored in your rafters.

Author: Jason Green