How To Prevent Fire Hazards When Cleaning

When you thoroughly clean your home it is a good time to get rid of fire hazards in your home. There are many fire hazards in your home, especially when it is not clean. With a good cleaning you can cut that chances of having a fire in and around your home.

Here are a few tips on how to prevent fires in and around your home when you clean.

* You should not store any chemical based cleaning materials under your sink. Clear out any old cleaning products that have chemicals in them and either dispose of them or store them in your garage. Considering that the area is under your sink is inside your home you should be using natural or nontoxic cleaning products.

* Any items that are flammable should be cleared out from closets, basements, and attics. Some of these items can include old mattresses, empty cardboard boxes, linens, and paper materials. If you want to keep the materials store them in your garage, storage shed, or storage facility.

* Keep up the maintenance around your home. This is especially the case when the weather gets hot and vegetation dries out. You should trim bushes, plants, tress, and rid the yard of weeds. Do not let the brush you cut dry and sit in your yard, as it will just become more of a fire hazard when it does. Many neighborhoods have the offer of a pickup for yard debris. Take advantage if it and get rid of any loose debris in your yard.

* Any vegetation that is around your home should be at least 10 feet away from both your home and chimney. Keep it well cut and away from your home, especially during the dry season.

* Regularly clean your roof and gutters so that leaves do not build up. This is especially the case when the weather gets warm and the leaves dry.

* Make sure to keep clutter, especially paper and cardboard, away from plugs in your home. Also try not to overuse the plugs in your home by plugging in a lot of extensions. This can lead to sparks, which can cause a fire.

* Many times in the warmer months there will be dry patches in your yard. Make sure that you keep up a watering schedule so that they do not appear. If they do appear keep the dry patches well cut.

* Any time you have a fireplace keep it clean and clear of clutter. If there is clutter around your fireplace it is more likely that it will catch fire if you are using your fireplace.

Author: Jason  Green