How to Keep the Inside of Your Car Clean

If you have a car you have realized how quickly it can become messy. Even if you have cleaned your car one day the next day it can be come messy again. But there are some tips you can follow in order to keep the inside of your car clean.

There will be a few things that you will need, which are:

* Plastic bags
* Anti-bacteria wipes
* Interior car wipes
* Box of tissues
* Seat covers
* A small vacuum
* Towels
* Fabreeze
* Scotchguard

Here are some tips to keeping the interior of your car clean.

* Store several of the plastic bags in either the glove department or the side pockets on the doors. These can come in handy when you need to clean out the clutter in your car. You can make a quick clean of your car and throw away the bag.

* Keep a couple towels in your trunk, both a small one and a larger one. You never know when you may have to carry something that will be wet or dripping. You can also place the towels under wet items in your car to keep the carpets and seats from getting wet. If you have a towel handy small messes are easier to clean up.

If you have odors in your car you can use fabreeze on both the carpets and the seats to give your car a fresh scent. You can also air out your car by keeping the windows open for a few hours.

* Keep a box of tissues and some anti-bacteria wet wipes in your car so you can clean up small messes. These can also be good to have if your hands are sticky. There are small packages of both tissues and wet wipes that you easily store in your glove compartment.

* If you like to keep your car very neat you can also keep a small vacuum cleaner in your car. Some smaller types are rechargeable and you can recharge them periodically. Crumbs can accumulate quickly and if you have a small vacuum you can remedy the situation quickly and easily.

* To keep stains from getting on your carpet and seats you can Scotchguard them right when you get the car.