How to Clean Your Shades

One of the things in our home that we sometime neglect to clean are the shades. The shades can collect dust and dirt and become less attractive without cleaning them periodically.

Here are some tips on how to clean various types of shades.

* Pleated Cloth Shades – These types of shades can be difficult to clean. You should never use any type of cleaner on pleated cloth shades, as they easily stain. You should vacuum the shades to prevent the dirt from holding onto the cloth. You have to clean the bristles on the vacuum cleaner before you vacuum. You can wipe the shades with a dry sponge and you can also use micro-fiber towels to wipe the shades as well. Dampen the sponge or towel and wring out all the water then go over the blinds quickly not getting any excess moisture on the blinds.

* Aluminum Mini-blinds – First fill a spray bottle half full of water and add a squirt of liquid soap. Now spray some of the mixture onto a lint free towel. Turn the slats of the blinds towards you and wipe then down being careful not to bend them. Now reverse the slats and wipe them down again. You should do this periodically to avoid dust and dirt buildup. If they are very dirty you may have to remove them to clean them. Pull the slats out and then hang them from two nails hammered in anywhere around your home or in the garage. Now spray the blinds with a foaming type bathroom cleaner. Then cover the spray cords with shaving cream. Once the dirt has fallen off turn them over and repeat the process. Now wipe the slats down using a dry towel or a damp sponge.

* Wood Blinds – You must be careful when you clean wood blinds. It is not recommended to wash the blinds. Even though it may be the case that the wood is sealed the dampness may cause the wood to warp or become discolored. The surface should be smooth so you can wipe the dust and dirt off periodically by using a dust cloth.

* Cellular Pleated Shades – These types of shades do not require much cleaning. A light sweep with an attachment from a vacuum is all that is needed to keep the shades free of dust. If you want to clean them thoroughly you can wipe down the entire shade assembly with a soft cloth that is damp. You should use lukewarm water when doing this. Be extra careful when cleaning opaque shades so you do not crease them. For stains on the shades you can spot clean them by using a mild type of detergent.

Wood Window Shades – For these types of shades you should periodically vacuum them. In order to clean them remove the shades and lay them on a towel. Make sure not to lay them on the carpet or softer surface as a linoleum floor is recommended. Scrub the shades with a soft nylon brush that is dipped in dishwashing soap and water.

Author: Jason Green