How To Clean Your Kitchen

No one likes to see a dirty kitchen, but sometimes keeping it clean can seem like a daunting task.  And the more people you have in your house to make a mess, the harder it is to clean it up.  On the plus side, though, if you have a lot of people in your house to mess it up, then you have more people in your house to help clean it up.  To begin cleaning your kitchen, start with your sink.  A nice clean sink becomes the kitchen’s center for clean and tidiness.  It motivates you to load the dishwasher and keep your counters cleaned off.  It also makes you want to keep your refrigerator doors and stove top nice and shiny, too.

Every day it is a good idea to wipe down your sink after washing your dishes or loading your dishwasher.  It will only take about thirty seconds to do this, but you will appreciate the results for a long time to come and it will help you stay on track with keeping the kitchen clean.  Next, wipe off your stove top and your counters.  Last, but definitely not least, sweep or vacuum your kitchen floor.  This will definitely polish off your clean look.

At least once a week you need to mop your kitchen floor.  This will keep dirt from building up and be sure to immediately wipe up any spills on your floor so you are not left with a sticky mess that is hard to get up.  You will also want wipe down your cabinets and appliances real well at least once a week.  If you hand wash your dishes, you should wash your dish rack to kill any germs that have built up.  Also, wipe off your switch plates and the phone if you have one in your kitchen.  Take out your trash and wipe off the inside of your garbage can.  Spray some disinfectant inside it to freshen it and kill any germs.

Once a season you will need to empty and scrub the inside the refrigerator.  More often if you have any spills inside it.  Empty your utensil drawer and clean the inside of it.  You will want to also clean the filter in your stove-hood.  If there are any stains in your sink, you may want to stop up the sinks and fill them with some bleach water.  Let the water sit until the sinks are nice and shiny and stain-free.

To keep your non-wood surfaces clean, you may want to keep some disinfecting wipes nearby for easy access and easy cleanup.  You can also purchase some glass and surface cleaning wipes to make cleaning those even easier as well.  By keeping all your cleaning supplies nearby and at hand, you can get this cleaning process done even faster.  These are all simple things you can do to keep your kitchen clean and improve the whole look of your house.  If you do these steps consistently, you will not have to worry about difficult and messy cleanups again.

WARNING: Make sure to use chemicals in a well ventilated area to prevent injuries and illnesses.  Make sure to wear or use the proper safety equipment when dealing with household chemicals to prevent injuries and illnesses.