How To Clean Your Floors

Do have trouble cleaning up those nasty spots on your carpet? How about your bathroom floors or maybe your hardwood floors? All you need are the right cleaning supplies to get the job done.

Most stains that appear on vinyl flooring can be easily wiped away. Sweep the area, then wipe down with a wet cloth. If this doesn’t work, you can use toothpaste or moist baking soda. Then if all that fails use a mild dish soap and sponge. Rinse the area well if you use the last method. You don’t want to leave behind soap residue.

If you have hardwood flooring it is important to keep them free of dust and dirt. These things act like sandpaper on the wood and can cause it to age quickly. Using a damp mop on the wood every week can help keep the hardwood floors looking great. If you have kids then you may have to do this more often.

Now if you have some stains or scratches on your hardwood there are many products that can help you. You can find all sorts of wax pens touch up sticks that help to cover up those spots. Removing scuff mark can be easy with a vinegar based cleaner and extra fine steel wool. Take extra precautions when working with your wood floors, it is best to take good care of them so they last year after year. It adds value to your home and can easily make a room more comfortable.

When you are in the bathroom sometimes those tile floors can get really nasty in the creases. The best way to clean these is with a little thing called a toothbrush. Yes, it means work. A little beach solution and some elbow grease will get those stains out and have your tile looking new. If you take care of these spots when you see them it will only take a minute to clean them up. You can even do this to your shower tiles while you are in the shower. Just do a few at a time and before you know it the whole thing will shine like new.

Many homes have carpet and if you have kids, then that carpet can get nasty in a hurry. It is best to have a wet/dry vac or some sort of carpet cleaner on hand. Most of these will come with cleaning solution that will get the toughest stains out. It doesn’t hurt to hit it with spot one or something before getting the cleaner out.

Once you have the cleaner out fill it up with water and cleaning solution. Turn it on and clean up that spot. It doesn’t take long to do the whole floor if it needs it, for it’s just like vacumming the room, only you are cleaning it. Try to keep others off the carpet until it dries this will keep other stains from forming while wet.

Cleaning your floors isn’t always easy. It is hard work, but the payoff is well worth the trouble. It saves you money, for you don’t have to replace the flooring. It’s just taking the time to keep things clean and in good shape.

WARNING: Make sure that you follow all instructions when dealing with chemicals or other tools while cleaning floors in your home to prevent injuries or illnesses.