How to Clean Your Floors if Your Dog has an Accident

If you have a dog you know it is inevitable that they will have accidents on your floor. But what can be done is you can clean your floors so that there is no sign that an accident took place.

Dogs and puppies will be lured back to the point that smells of feces and urine. Therefore it is essential that you quickly pick up the mess that your dog left so they will not do it again and make the clean up just that much harder. Sometimes it does happen that the dog, especially puppies when not housebroken, will have an accident on the floor. Here are a few tips to follow in order to clean dog accidents.

1. Cleaning dog urine off a carpet
* Try to absorb as much urine as possible off the carpet using paper towels
* Get a glass full of tap water and pour it over the spot that the dog as had the accident
* Now blot the diluted liquid with paper towels until there are no more signs of yellow on the paper towels
* Get a good scrubbing brush and scrub the accident spot with the brush and some carpet cleaner
* Now spray the spot again with the carpet cleaner and read the instructions on the cleaner and follow them for removing stains and spots. Vacuum the cleaning product up and if it necessary because the spot is still there or if there is remaining odor repeat the process
* Spray some sort of odor remover over the spot. Follow the directions on the odor remover to avoid having remaining odor. Many of these types of odor removers, especially for this type of accident, can be purchased at most pet stores.

2. Cleaning dog feces off a carpet
* At first make sure not to rub the feces into the carpet as it can make removing it just that much tougher.
* Pick up as much as the feces you can with paper towels.
* Spray some carpet cleaner on the spot of the accident and gently rub with a damp sponge.
* Now you can scrub the carpet with the cleaner in order to get deep into the fibers of the carpet.
* Use the carpet spray cleaner again and follow the instructions. Give the carpet cleaner time to dry and then vacuum up the cleaner but make sure that it is dry and that you follow the instructions.
* Spray the spot with an odor remover that has an enzyme inhibitor. Many of these types of pet cleaning products are available at most pet stores.
* If it is the case that your dog or puppy returns to that spot and has another accident that you may want to move some furniture over the spot after cleaning it again. This will deny the dog access to the spot and show them that their behavior of having an accident in that spot is bad.

3.To clean up dog urine or feces of a wood floor you should take precautions so you will not cause damage that is permanent to the wood floor.
* At first clean it all up with paper towels
* Get a bucket with water and mix a solution, such as Murphy’s Oil Soap, and with the solution take a mop and thoroughly o over the accident spot.
* Dry the spot thoroughly with paper towels, cloth, or an old towel.
* Spray an enzyme inhibitor onto a rag that is dry and thoroughly wipe the area on the floor where the dog had the accident. There are enzyme inhibitors that are specially made for wood floors.

Author: Jason Green