Getting Rid of Common Food Stains

At one point or another all of us have dropped some type of food or another onto our clothing and it can be a frustrating situation to be involved with. Food stains come in many different varieties but there are a number of tactics you can attempt in order to get out even the peskiest of food stains. As with any type of stain removal process the quicker you treat the stain than the better chance you have of completely remove the stain.

Quick Fix

If you are out of the home and the only resource you have available to you is a public washroom than there are still some treatments that you can attempt. Go to a public bathroom and use the dispenser to get a small amount of liquid soap. Use the liquid soap to gently dab over the stained area but be sure not to rub the stain or even attempt to blog it at this point. Once you have reached home move on to some more stain treatments.

Stain Removal No No

No matter what type of food stain you have encountered or how desperate you are there are some things that you should never attempt in order to remove a food stain. The most dangerous things you can do when trying to remove a stain is to apply any type of heat to the stain. This is a huge no because almost all stains will be set further by applying heat.

Pretreat the Stain

As soon as you notice the stain on your clothing you should quickly remove the article of clothing and remove as much of the foodstuff as possible using a paper towel. Once you have done that you should gently rub some liquid soap onto the stain. You should continue rubbing the stain for at least a minute or two to remove any small pieces of food from the stained area. You should allow the soap to sit for half an hour before you attempt to wash the clothing.

Top Notch Tactics

If the stain still remains after you have finished washing the clothing than its time to get more aggressive with your stain. Use a spray bottle mixed with half water and half hydrogen peroxide to fully soak the stained area and then sit back and wait for another 15 to 20 minutes while you wait for the alcohol to do its work. If the stain still remains after this step then you should attempt to use a similar mixture of water and vinegar followed by rewashing the material in the washing machine.