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Spotting Signs that Your Car Battery is Dead

Your car’s ability to run properly will depend on the life of the battery. If the battery runs out of power or has reduced power then the car might not start or it might have reduced performance. Even though it may be the case that your car does not start, it does not mean that [...]


Caring for Your Car the Green Way

One of the major contributors to the wasting away of our environment is the automobile. The best way to promote the green environment is to conscientiously change the way you maintain your vehicle. Here are a few tips on how to care for your car the green way:
Try to wash by only using a bucket. [...]


How To Fix Those Chips in Your Car’s Paint

At one time or another most of us have had a passing car fling a gravel and chip the paint on our vehicles. Taking your car to an auto body shop can be pretty expensive even for a small chip! But, you can save lots of money by doing it yourself.
You should always repair chips [...]


Simple Ways to Save on Gas when Taking Road Trips

When you go on a road trip one of the main expenses can be for gasoline. Just because gas prices are very high these days driving is still one of the cheapest ways to travel. Plus you will be able to see a lot of America if you drive rather than fly.


Change Your Own Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Wires

Changing your cars spark plugs may seem like a really intimidating task, but it’s not as complicated as you might think. Almost anyone can change spark plugs with little or no problem and you only need a couple of tools.
Over time spark plugs become covered with carbon deposits, these deposits look like black soot. Carbon [...]


Ladies, I Learned To Change My Oil And So Can You

Changing oil in your vehicle can be done easily at home whether you are a man or a woman. From a woman’s standpoint, changing the oil is not hard to do at all. You will need an oil drain pan, a rag, socket for loosing the oil pan bolt and at least four quarts of [...]


Replacing Electrical Fuses in Your Car

The electrical fuses in your car will protect all the electric devices. If there is a power surge a fuse will blow so the extra electricity does not reach the electric device itself, which will ruin it. Replacing an electric fuse in your car is simple and you need to do it periodically to make [...]

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