Tips for a Better Air Conditioning System for Your Vehicle

Air conditioning used to a luxury but now it is commonplace in vehicles. Servicing your system should be done by professionals but there are some tips you can follow to make sure your system runs well.

* Strange odors from the system can mean bacterial buildup. When your car ages or when the air conditioning is not used often bacteria, fungi, and micro organisms can build up behind the dash causing odd odors. You can solve this problem by using some form of bacterial treatment that will eliminate the bacteria growth and get rid of the odors.

* If you car isn’t cold enough you may want to recharge the system. If you feel that your car is not cold enough you may need to service the system. The air conditioning system is many times not covered in many manufacturing servicing schedules and the cooling gas will decrease over time. Most vehicles lose up to 15% each year. The leakage can be cause by not using the system over the winter as it allows “O” ring seals to dry out which will cause the system’s performance to gradually deteriorate. If this keeps happening than the system may not operate at all. These problems can be alleviated with a routine check-up and by refilling the coolant periodically.

* Running the system all year will help maintain it. If you even run the system during the winter it will cause the system to stay lubricated well and free of leaks. The reason for this is the coolant carries the oil that will lubricate the system and the compressor. It will also keep both the seals and hoses moist, which will prevent them from becoming dried out and cracked as this leads to leakage.

* Attend to funny noises coming from the system immediately. If your system suddenly begins to make noises you are not used to hearing then you should have a professional look into it. Some noises coming from the system can be sign of compression failure. The compressor can be the most expensive part of the system to fix and if is the case that the bearings in the compressor break down other parts in the system can be damaged from metal particles. You would then have to flush the system, replace the compressor, and replace the receiver/drier and expansion valve, which can be very expensive. To alleviate this always immediately attend to funny noises right when you hear them as it can save you a lot of money.

* Do not be alarmed by a pool of water under the car after using the Air conditioner. This is a normal feature of the system since it is only water that has dripped from the air conditioning evaporator. The evaporator has a drain tube that will allow condensation to drain from the car.

* Moisture in the car can be easily fixed. Many times the drain tube from the evaporator have blockage or come apart which will make it so condensation builds up inside the evaporator. If this occurs the water will buildup inside your car. You can alleviate this problem with a quick servicing to the system.

Author: Jason Green