The Three Basic Methods adding Pinstripes to your Vehicle

Pinstriping your vehicle can make it look great and give it the look of speed. There are three different methods you can pinstripe your vehicle. You can give the look of a sleek car with any type of vehicle you own. Pinsriping your vehicle is not difficult and there are three methods you can use to pinstripe your vehicle.

There are some things that need to be covered before you decide to pinstripe your vehicle. The pinstripes are generally done in two colors, one that will compliment the body color of the vehicle and other thin line that will be in contrast the make of the larger stripe. The colors are all up to you in what you want your vehicle to look like. You also have to make sure that the surface where you are going to lay the pinstripes is very clean. After getting rid of all the dirt you should get rid of all residues with a product that is specially made for pre-surface preparation. Now that you have done all this you are ready to put pinstripes on your vehicle. Here are the three methods.

1. Mechanical Pinstriping – A mechanical auto pinstriping method is the best one for long areas such as the ones that can be found on vans, tracks, or cars of longer length. The advantage of this method is that it will place the stripes of the same width. This will let you concentrate on keeping the contour of the stripe aligned along the work surface. The preferred method by many body shops is the by using the Buegler pinstriper and their accessories. The easiest way to use this striper is to set the line of the stripe by using a magnetic auto pinstriping strip. This strip will stick to steel surfaces very securely, will be able to from mild curves, and it also has a center groove that is especially designed for the Buegler guide arm.
2. Pinstriping with Stencil Tape – There are several types of stencil tapes that can work with almost all vehicle pinstriping applications. Stencil tapes allow you to lay down stripes of various colors, of your choosing, without having to wait for the other stripes to become dry. NOTE: Using a stencil tape requires the use of a brush, as using a pinstriping brush is the most vital aspect for good results.
3. Freehand Pinstriping – Freehand pinstriping is the most difficult way to pinstripe a vehicle but it offers a lot of flexibility in doing the job. The easiest way to freehand, if you are a novice, is to lay down a strip of masking tape around ? inch from where you want the line to be. You now use the tape as a visual guide for your pinstripes. You should not use regular masking tape for edging pinstripes as the paint for pinstriping will tend to seep and bleed under the edge of the regular masking tape. The pinstriping can be as plain or intricate as will be allowed by how much patience you have for the job.

It does not matter which method you use to pinstripe your vehicle as it can add a little class and style to it making it very unique. What is important is that you use the right equipment and tools and by having patience you can come up with some great designs and a fantastic look to your vehicle.

Author: Jason Green