Spotting Signs that Your Car Battery is Dead

Your car’s ability to run properly will depend on the life of the battery. If the battery runs out of power or has reduced power then the car might not start or it might have reduced performance. Even though it may be the case that your car does not start, it does not mean that it is only your battery. It is important that you know the signs to look out for to know if you battery is either dead or losing its power.

Here are some things that you can look for:

* Keep a close watch on the performance of your car. As the battery in your car loses its power you might notice that your headlights shine dimmer or your car changes its pitch when you turn on the air conditioner. Reduced airflow in the cabin when you turn the vent on is another sign that the battery is losing power.

* Try to start your car. When turning the key you might hear either no sound or a repeating ticking sound. Your battery will be in good working condition if the car attempts to turn over.

* Another way you can check the battery is to turn on the headlights or the radio. The battery will need more power than these auxiliary parts of the car. Also look at the clock on the panel shows up or if the lights in the cabin turn on. If all of these are in working order all you have to do is recharge the battery. If the lights or clock flicker or come on dim at first the battery may be low on power.

* Open the hood of your car and find the battery. Check for other causes why you are having problems. A couple of things that can keep the battery from working properly are battery posts that are corroded or poor connections to the battery.

* Test how much charge your car battery has by using a multi-meter. If you do not have a multi-meter you can take your car to a place that sells car batteries. Usually stores that sell car batteries will check the charge on your battery for free.

* Change the batteries from one car to another one. Try to start up both car and check out what happens. If the other car starts with your battery in it or your car will not start with the other battery you need to try to find the other source of the problem.

If you see any signs that your car battery is losing power you should change it right away. The battery may not die for some time, but you do not want to be stranded when it does. You should at least re-charge your battery if you see these signs. It is also a good idea to keep some jumper cables in your trunk just in case your car battery dies. If it does and you jump it, you should leave it running for some time in order to recharge it.