Simple Ways to Save on Gas when Taking Road Trips

When you go on a road trip one of the main expenses can be for gasoline. Just because gas prices are very high these days driving is still one of the cheapest ways to travel. Plus you will be able to see a lot of America if you drive rather than fly.

Here are some tips you can follow in order to save money on gas when you go on road trips.

* Get your car in ready for a trip. Before you leave you should make sure your car is in the best shape possible. You can have the engine of your car tuned, have the air filter replaced, and make sure that your tires have the right amount of air pressure. Check the oil to make sure you have the enough and also make sure you use the right grade, which can improve your gas mileage by almost 20%.

* The price for gas fluctuates, so it is a good idea to get on the Internet and find a gas monitoring website in order to find the least expensive place to fill up your car. One of these types of gas monitoring sites is

* When you go on road trips try to pack as light as possible in order to save money on gas. For every 100 pounds of weight that you have in the trunk of your car it can lessen the fuel economy by 1% or 2%. If you have a roof rack and it is loaded down with 100 pounds it will lessen fuel economy by up to 5%.

* Do not waste time pumping premium gas in your car. Even though the name is “premium” this type of gas will not give you either better gas mileage or better performance. Only use premium in your car if your manual specifically says that you need to do so. Only around 1 in 10 cars need to use premium, so chances are that you do not need to use premium gas, as it will only drain your pockets quicker.

* Before you go on your road trip get a gas rebate card if you do not already carry one. You can get cash back, sometimes up to 4%, back on every $1 you spend on gas, as well as on any other purchases where you carry their type of card. This may not seem like a large percentage, but when you are on a road trip it can add up and you can save a significant amount of money.