Replacing Electrical Fuses in Your Car

The electrical fuses in your car will protect all the electric devices. If there is a power surge a fuse will blow so the extra electricity does not reach the electric device itself, which will ruin it. Replacing an electric fuse in your car is simple and you need to do it periodically to make sure that your car’s electric devices are safe.
You will need:

* Your car’s owner manual
* Fuses

Here are the steps to take to replacing electric fuses in your car.

* Make sure that the car is turned off before you start to work.

* Look under the dashboard (on the left hand side of the drivers side) and find the fuse box. Usually the fuse box is a plastic rectangular box that is somewhat small. There will be a cover on the box the will pop open. Nowadays there are many cars that also have a fuse box in the compartment of the engine. If the fuse you want to replace is not located in the fuse box that is found inside your car check to see if your car has two fuse boxes. (If you are having any trouble finding the fuse box or boxes check the owner’s manual of your car.)

* Take the cover off the fuse box. The cover should have a chart on it that will tell you what each of the fuses controls. There also may be a clear plastic cover that is over the fuses that will also tell you this information.

* Find the blown fuse that you want to replace. The burnt out fuse will look similar to the filament in a light bulb that is burned out, as the metal strip will be broken and the fuse will look grey or black.

Take the burned out fuse on either side with your forefinger and thumb popping it out with a slight pinch. Many cars have a plastic “fuse remover” in one of the slots in the fuse box. You can use these to remove the fuse easier. If this is lost or does not have a fuse remover you can also use a small screwdriver if you are having a hard time removing the fuse with your fingers.

* Take the burnt out fuse to a hardware store and buy a new one that is identical.

* Replace the fuse by placing it in the same slot in which you removed to old one and press firmly on it using your thumb, as it should snap right into place.

* Start up your car and test the feature that had the loss of electricity, such as the headlights, taillights.

* Replace the box cover for the fuse box.


* Most cars will have some slots for extra fuses. You have to make sure they are the right amperage, as there will be a small number in the fuse indicating amps.

* When you take a spare fuse from the extra slots replace it with a new one so you will not have to go to a hardware store every time you need a new fuse.

If you replace a burnt out fuse and it continues to blow you may have an electrical short in your car. If this occurs make an appointment with a mechanic as soon as possible.