Ladie’s You Can Change Your Own Flat Tire!

There’s no good time to have a flat tire, but the worst time is either late at night or when there’s no one around to help you with the job! But, ladies you can learn how to change your own tire and prevent yourself from being stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Sure most of us carry cell phones now, but what if you just happen to have a flat some where that you can’t get a signal? Or, what if the person that can come to you and help, is an hour away?

And, unless you belong to an auto club, what if you just happen to not have the money to call a tow truck for help? Knowing how to change your own flat tire could come in very handy!

Make sure that you get the car off the road far enough that passing cars aren’t going to be a problem. A well lit area would be nice, but chances are you’re not going to have that luxury. Carrying a flashlight with fresh batteries can be a life saver in cases like this!

It’s safer if you block the wheels to keep the car from rolling as you jack it up. Large rocks or anything will work that you can place behind the tires. It’s best to block all three wheels, but if you can’t find anything to put behind them all block as many as you can. I’d also recommend putting your emergency brake on.

The hardest part of changing a tire for us ladies is removing the lug nuts. Often they’re put on with air tools, have been on the car so long they’re rusted and loosening them is no small feat! If you’re lucky enough to have a can of spray lubricant in the trunk, spray them and let it set a few minutes to help make it easier to loosen them.

I have literally had to hold the lug wrench on with one hand and use my foot to push the wrench to loosen the lug nuts! If you have a four way lug wrench, it helps to place a small pipe over the end of one of the arms. You can get better leverage and it’s easier to get the lug nuts loose.

The other problem might be the jack placement. Every woman should find out where to put the jack just in case she needs to change a tire! If you have the owner’s manual for your car, it will show you exactly where to put the jack.

At first you just want to get all of the lug nuts loosened, don’t completely remove them. Place the jack under the car and raise it enough to get the flat tire off of the ground.

Now you’re ready to remove the lug nuts and pull the tire straight off of the wheel studs. Place the spare tire on the car and put the lug nuts back on as tight as you can with your fingers.

Once you’ve gotten the lug nuts all back on, use the lug wrench to tighten them a bit more. Now lower the jack and let the car all the way down onto the ground and then tighten all of the lug nuts as tight as you can get them.

Congratulation’s! You’ve just changed your first flat tire! Now you’ll want to stop at your nearest garage and have the tire checked. Have a mechanic check to make sure that the lug nuts are tight and there’s no danger of the tire coming off!

If your spare was one of the small “donut” tires that normally come with most vehicles, it won’t last long. Those types of tires are basically a make shift tire to get you to the nearest garage or home!

Sometimes having a flat tire is unavoidable, if there’s something in the road that you can’t see there’s no way to prevent flats. But, often flats are caused by bad tires that are just worn out.

Having your tires checked regularly for flaws, tread wear or any other thing that may cause the tire to lose air is very important. Keeping the air pressure in your tires at the right amount for the size and type of tires that you have can help extend the life of your tires.