Ladies, I Learned To Change My Oil And So Can You

Changing oil in your vehicle can be done easily at home whether you are a man or a woman. From a woman’s standpoint, changing the oil is not hard to do at all. You will need an oil drain pan, a rag, socket for loosing the oil pan bolt and at least four quarts of oil. Check your owner’s manual to see what they recommend for the type of oil. There are different types of oil for different types of vehicles. You will also need a new oil filter and a filter wrench for loosing the old oil filter.

Once you have all the tools and supplies you need to change the oil, you can put on some old clothes and begin. Some vehicles are so close to the ground that you may need to jack up the front of the vehicle slightly. Place a block behind the two back tires and the passenger side tire to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards. I prefer to use a floor jack because it is easier to use than the jacks that hook on the bumper. After jacking up the front slightly, place a block or jack stand under the vehicle to prevent the vehicle from slipping off the jack and falling on you.

Now you are ready to begin the oil change. Crawl under the vehicle with your rag, socket and drain pan as well as your new oil filter and filter wrench. Locate the oil pan drain bolt. In most cars, it is on the bottom side, but some can be on the side of the oil pan. Once you locate the bolt, place the drain pan under the bolt and use your socket to loosen the bolt. Once you have it loose, the oil will start to drain out.

While that oil is draining, take your filter wrench, place it around the oil filter, and loosen. You can then unwind it the rest of the way with your hand. Put a rag on the ground under the oil filter because it will have some spillage when you remove it. Do not tip the oil filter because it does have oil in it.

Now you have some time to rest while the oil drains out. The time varies for every vehicle, but the oil usually takes about ten minutes to drain out. Once the oil stops draining, you are ready to replace the bolt and the oil filter. Grab the drain pan out from underneath the vehicle and crawl back under. Use the socket to tighten the oil pan bolt. It is important that you have it tight, but do not over tighten the bolt.

Open one can or bottle of oil and with your finger, rub a little oil on the seal of the new oil filter. Next, move the location where you removed the oil filter. Now you can start winding the new oil filter on until you cannot tighten it any farther. Place the filter wrench on the filter and give it one quick turn or so. Make sure it is tight. You are now done underneath the vehicle.

Take the jack stand out from underneath the vehicle and then slowly lower the floor jack. You can keep the blocks in place until you are done. Now you are ready to move to the engine compartment. First take out the dip stick and clean it. Now take the funnel and place it in the hole after removing the cap. Dump one can or bottle of oil and allow it to empty into the engine.

At this time, you can look underneath and make sure you have no leaks. Repeat this step until all the new oil is in the engine. Replace the oil cap, start the vehicle up, and press on the accelerator to rev the engine a bit. Turn the car off and look underneath to make sure you have no leaks. The last step is to check the dipstick to make sure you have enough oil in the engine. Pull the dipstick out and wipe with a rag, replace and pull out again. Now read the stick to make sure you have enough oil. Remove the blocks from behind the wheels and you are ready to go. Ladies, this is easy to do, after a while you will become faster at changing your own oil.