How to Change the Brake Pads on Your Car

There are a lot of things that you can do in order to keep your car tuned in the right way. Some of these things that you can do are change the oil, change the transmission fluid, rotate the tires, and change the brake pads. It may seem hard to change brake pads, but if you follow a few easy steps it is pretty simple.

Some the things you will need are:

* New Brake Pads
* Jack Stands
* Jack
* Lug Wrench and Torque Wrench
* Grease

Here are a few tips on changing the brake pads on your car.

* Park your car on a surface that is flat and then set the parking brake. This will not have an effect on the brake pads.

* Before you jack the car up you should loosen the lug nuts. If you jack the car up and lift it before you loosen the lug nuts the tire on your car will spin around instead if the lug nits becoming loose.

* Put your car on the jack stands so that the front tires on your car are off the ground. You car does not need to be put very high of the ground, but it should be high enough for you to be able to easily remove the tires.

* Take both the lug nuts and the tires off of your car. Make sure that you put the lug nuts down in a place that they will be easy to find. Put the wheel out of the way and face the wheel upwards.

* Take the bolts off by holding the brake caliper in place. Pull the bolts away and then you will be able to see the brake pads that are held on by either a bolt or a few clips.

* If they are held in place by bolts unscrew them and if they are held in place by clips then unclip them. Then check the rotors, as if there are grooves on them you should take them off and replace them. If they are still smooth and shiny you can keep them.

* Put some grease near the back of the brake pad and then you will install the brake pad onto the caliper with either the bolts or the clips.

* Put your car back together in the opposite order that you took it apart. Take the car from off the jack stand so that it is on the ground.

* The last step is to tighten the lug nuts by using a torque wrench.