Do It Yourself Oil Changes

Saving money is highly important these days. With the soaring fuel prices, people are looking for ways to keep the budget in balance, especially when it comes to their cars. This is why people are now looking to do the monthly and yearly upkeep on their cars themselves without the help of a professional.

One of the main areas where one can save some money is the oil changes on the car. Many do not realize how much money they can save and how easy this project really is. There is nothing to an oil change and even those who have no knowledge of automobiles can do it without the slightest trouble.

One thing that you need to find out before taking on an oil change is the type of oil that your car takes. The weight, which is the number that follows the “w” in the oil name is the most important. Usually the newer vehicles that were made after 1987 require thirty weight oil although some of them still take the forty weight.

Once you have figured out the oil type then you should make the following purchases. One, get yourself five quarts of the oil that you need. Your car will most likely take this amount or more so be sure to ask at the store. Then you will need a new oil filter. This is also easy, just tell the clerk at the auto parts store the make and model and year of the car and you will be all set. Lastly you need to pick up an oil drain pan. These are normally inexpensive and can be used over and over.

As for tools you will need a socket set and an oil filter wrench, both can be purchased at most auto parts stores.

You will need to elevate the front end of the car far enough to make sure that you can slide about half way under it to reach the oil pan. Place the drain pan under the plug bolt and remove the bolt with the socket set.

The oil will start draining and may take a bit of time to get it all drained. Once it has finished put the drain bolt back into place.

Slide the oil drain pan back under the oil filter and apply the oil filter wrench to the oil filter and turn it counter clockwise. Once you have completed a couple turns you should be able to turn it the rest of the way off by hand. Allow any excess oil to drain into the pan then put the new oil filter in place. Tighten hand tight only. Never use the wrench to tighten the oil filter as you will break the seal.

Now you are ready to fill the car with oil. Simply remove the oil cap from the top of the motor and start pouring. Allow the car to sit for a few minutes before starting the motor and allow it to idle before driving so the new oil can cycle through the engine before too much pressure is put on the motor.

WARNING: Make sure to wear the proper safety equipment, such as goggles and gloves, when working with oil and other fluids on your auto to prevent injuries and illnesses.  Also make sure to read and follow all directions for any fluid or parts that you purchase for your car.