Do It Yourself AC Recharging

The heat of the summer is a time when people are turning on the air conditioning to stay cool. For this reason a lot of people, especially those that believe in the do it yourself way of doing things. This is a pretty new concept for a lot of people because only in the last ten years have you been able to do anything with air conditioning yourself.

The problem with air conditioning systems is the fact that the previous freon based systems were toxic to the ozone layer. Once this was discovered the freon based systems could no longer be recharged because freon itself was illegal. So many people were going without air conditioning. This is the reason why the new R-34A systems were designed. The R-34A coolant acts the same way that freon does but it is not harmful to the ozone layer or too people.

This meant that everyone could once again have air conditioning because the new system of coolant can be retrofitted to work with the older systems. With this advancement it became possible for people on their own to recharge their own systems without having to be certified in the coolant business and this was very good news for many people.

To recharge your air conditioning system you will need to buy a couple of cans of R-34A coolant, a delivery kit and if you are running an old R-12 system you will also need a retrofit kit as well. Some of the larger stores sell all of this together in one kit while others piece it out. Just tell the clerk what it is that you are doing and ask them about the best deal. If they do have the complete kit then that will be the best deal as far as money is concerned. Every once in a while you can find the cans of coolant on sale and this is a good time to pick them up. This normally happens in the winter time but it will not hurt to buy them and then store them until they are needed.

Once you have everything you will need to carefully read the instructions. Because the items you are using are under extreme pressure you need to be very careful Do not smoke while doing this project as you could cause an explosion.

If you are using the retrofit kit then you will need to fit the old system before you can begin. Once that is complete, attach one can of coolant to the hose and then attach it to the low side of the air conditioning system.

Turn on the car and set the air conditioning to maximum cooling level. The system will automatically pull the coolant from the can. Once one is empty hook up another. Two cans will normally give you the right amount. Use the pressure gauge to ensure that you have the right pressure setting.

As long as the system does not have any leaks you should be ready to go. If the system does not want to work properly or is sluggish, get a can of ring conditioner and oil for the system and that should fix it right up.

WARNING: Make sure to read and follow all directions when working with fluids and parts on your auto to prevent injuries and illnesses.  Also make sure to wear the proper safety equipment to prevent injuries or illnesses.