Caring for Your Car the Green Way

One of the major contributors to the wasting away of our environment is the automobile. The best way to promote the green environment is to conscientiously change the way you maintain your vehicle. Here are a few tips on how to care for your car the green way:

Try to wash by only using a bucket. If you were to travel to other countries you would find that many take nothing but a bucket with light soapy water to wash the car and then another bucket of clear water to rinse. After the rinse, just polish and buff. This helps care for the green environment by not wasting water (you use only what you need) and no excessive dumping of harsh detergents down city drains.

Just give your car a quick wipe if that is all it needs. If all your car has is some spotting from rain or puddle splashing then all it should take is a quick wipe with a clean, damp, and soft rag. This helps care for the green environment by using very little water if any.

When you care for your car by waxing the exterior, it is much easier to clean. That way the water that accumulates overnight can just be wiped off quickly. No need to get the garden hose.

Change all filters at regular intervals. The important ones are the fuel and air filters. Proper maintenance and care of filters keeps your car running efficiently and helps the green environment by saving fuel.

Keep your car tuned up. Although newer cars do not need tune-ups quite as often as their predecessors, you still need to do it per the manufacturer’s specifications. Newer cars have computerized control systems and tune-ups are best done by a certified mechanic.

Buy re-treaded tires. If you buy re-treaded tires from a reputable company, you can get quality at a fraction of the price. It takes oil to make tires and you obviously help care for the green environment by re-using them. Re-treads are best if most of your driving is in the city. In other words, you don’t do a lot of high speed highway driving.

You don’t need to change oil every 3,000 miles. That oil change place you took the car to last time probably put a sticker on your windshield saying to come back in 3 months or 3,000 miles. Take a look at your car’s owner manual and you might see that the recommendation is to change oil every 5,000 miles. You save money plus you help care for the green environment by using less oil.

Use green oil. Petroleum-free oil products for your car’s engine are beginning to appear on the market. You might want to read a little on the product and get all the information you can before using it but it appears to hold promise for the green future.

Care for your tires by inflating to the correct levels. When your tire pressure drops too low, you may not notice it visually but you will feel it as harder steering. The low pressure makes it harder for your engine to move your car resulting in fuel waste. Plus, if tire pressure is too low, you will notice that the outer edges of the surface that touches the road begin to wear first. That abnormal wear can mean that you have to replace tires sooner causing waste and not helping care for the green environment.