Installing Crown Molding In Your Home

There are few things you can do to add real culture to your home that is easier than installing crown molding. While time consuming, it is something you can certainly do yourself if you know what the right steps are to take. By planning properly and taking the right steps you can add a real renaissance feel to your home.

The first step in putting crown molding in any room is to measure carefully. You will need the linear footage of the distance you want to put the molding on. Add ten to twelve percent for waste and mistakes along the way. It is better to have too much than not enough. Next, head to the store and select the crown molding style the fits your taste and your room best.

Next, you will want to have the crown molding cut. To make it look best, try to buy the molding in lengths that will require as little splicing as possible. The maximum you should try to do in one length is about fourteen feet. Otherwise, you can be susceptible to warping or other damage. Splicing is unavoidable, but keep it to a minimum so that your finished project will be as professional looking as possible.

Third, you can paint or stain the molding. Do this before you install it to make it look better. Painting and staining molding that is up requires taping off and a lot of detail work. This is the last step in preparation, but make sure you have a proper working surface so that your hands are not up too high as you work.

When it comes time to attach the crown molding, you want to measure off the spots where the joists hit. That way you are nailing into wood. Next, drill pilot holes so that the fine molding won’t split when you nail it in place. Make sure you have hit all the positions before you begin attaching the molding. Now you can go through and attach your crown molding using finish nails, usually a 6d or 8d nail. Once they are all in, use a nail set to go through and countersink all the nails.

Now you just need to finish up and make the project look neat. Use wood putty to fill in your countersunk nail holes. You can also use it to cover up any small gaps you end up with (this will happen, just keep it to a minimum).

As you can see, installing crown molding is an easy weekend project. Just make a mental note that the success of the project is heavily dependent on the proper measuring of the molding before you start. Once you are done, you can enjoy the new look of your home’s interior as well as the added value to your home. When you have the proper tools, proper planning, and know the steps, this is an easy project that really pays dividends.

WARNING: when nailing or sanding wood, always wear proper eye protection. When painting or staining, always work in a ventilated area and follow manufacturer safety instructions.