How to Install a Storm Door

Installing a storm door can be an addition to your home’s weatherproofing. It can also replace the old beat-up screen door with a brand new one that will hold up better to the weather.

Here are some steps you can take when installing a storm door.

* Choose a storm door that will be right for you, as there are many different types that you can purchase. You have to know both the height and width of the door opening before you install the door.

* Remove the old screen door or if there is one. All the hardware should come with the new door, as you should not have to use any from the old one.

* Get a pair of sawhorses and then set them up in the pace where the door will be mounted.  Now you can lay the door flat across the sawhorses and then unpack the contents of the new storm door. By using the sawhorses it will make the job easier than working on the floor.

* When you hang the door you have to be sure that you put the screws in each hole that is provided and then do not overturn them. If you do so it may warp the frame and make it misshaped.

* Place the side rail if the framework of the new door with the hinges on it. You may have to cut a little bit off the frame in order to fit it into the opening. Make sure you trim the bottom of the rail so you do not have problems when getting the door to fit down the line.

Drill every hole for the door handle and locking piece when the door is still flat on the base. There will be directions that you should follow that come with your storm door, as there will generally be a template.

* Now hang the door on the hinges. Put one screw in each of the hinges to start with and then you can go back and finish the job by placing in the rest of the screws. If you can do so have somebody help you hold the door in place when you place the screws in. You can also use wood blocks if you are doing the job by yourself.

* Place the other longer piece of the rail into place. You can dry fit it at first in order to get the space between the door and the frame all the way down the edge. If you have to you can use a thin piece of wood or some cardboard behind the frame in order to make the visible spacing even.

* When putting on the hardware you should attach the handle of the door and locking piece by following the directions. The position of the handle position and where it should be will give you directions on where to mount the catch piece

* Now you can attach the door handle and the locking piece by following the instructions given with your new storm door. The position of the handle to where it should be in the framework will guide you where to mount the catch area of the set-up that is screwed in place on the framework.

* Mount the safety chain at the top of the door. The screws of the mounting bracket that go on the door should come drilled with pivot holes that will be drilled ion the metal door.

* Place the door closer into position on the door. You should place it according to the instructions that come with the storm door. You should take your time when doing this, as it is important that the door closer is correctly placed so it works correctly.

Now adjust the door so that it closes fast but does not slam shut.


* Make sure that you do not forget to place the safety chain on the door. By not doing so it can damage your door and other parts of your home if the door slams shut during high winds.

Make sure when installing a storm door that you always wear the right safety clothing. This is especial the case when sawing parts as you should wear safety goggles or glasses.

Author: Jason Green