How to Hang a Towel Rack

It is not a difficult job to hang a towel rack and it definitely looks better than hanging your towels on the shower or bathroom door. It also gives your bathroom a cleaner look by hanging a towel rack. A towel rack can give your bathroom a finished look.

Here are a few steps to hanging a towel rack.

* The fist thing you need to do is to is mark and position your towel rack. You have to position your towel rack so that the hanging towels do not hit the ground or the toilet. The towels can also be positioned so you can easily get to them.

* You can use a carpenter’s level to ensure that the towel rack will be hung straight. You can also measure from either the ceiling or the floor but you have to make sure the distances are the same.

Now look for the screw holes that will be in the rack. Many of the racks on the market today require a couple of screws for each side of the towel rack. If you are not able to see the screws it may be because they will be going through a wall plate that is hidden under the cover plate on the rack. You can see the wall plate by loosening a screw that tends to be hidden on the underside of the cover plate.

* Attach the wall plate right to the stud on the wall. You should try to attach the rack to a stud, as it will be more stable. Find the stud using a stud finder. If you cannot locate a stud in the wall you can use a solid anchor designed to solidly hold things onto drywall.

* If you want to attach a towel rack to your bathroom door you can use a hallow-wall anchor. Many bathroom doors will be hollow so these types of wall anchors will work. If your bathroom door is solid and not hallow it will be easy to attach a rack as you can just screw the rack into the door. Remember you still should use a carpenter’s level in order for the rack to be straight.


* Hallow-wall anchors look very much like wings that will have one long screw directly down the center of the anchor. You can close the wings and then place them through the hole that will be big enough to fit through. When closing the wings there should be some resistance as they are held together by small springs. When you tighten the screw the wings will become flat and then tighten up against the inside of the bathroom drywall and also hold the screw in place.

* It also may be the case that drywall anchors will work, which you can purchase at a hardware store.

* If the towel rack is too big you can cut the rack to the size you want. In order to cut the towel rack to the size you want it you will have to use either a hacksaw or a metal cutting blade.

Author: Jason Green