How To Build Your Own Wine Rack

If you enjoy carpentry and enjoy entertaining, a project you may want to take on is the building of your own wine rack. A wine rack will add an air of sophistication to your entertainment area while also giving you a way to keep multiple bottles of wine on hand. Additionally, you will have the satisfaction of having created the wine rack on your own.

The first step is always to plan. While wine racks can come in an array of sizes and shapes, make sure you select one that is both good for the wine and in line with your carpentry skills. You can either draw plans yourself or find them online. Either way, make sure everything is going to work well with the wine and with you.

The golden rule of wine storage is to make sure the bottles are horizontal. The reason for that is so all corks stay moist and do not dry out and shrink. So when considering your design, skip anything that has the bottles upright. You can, if you really want, store them neck down, but then you will have upside down labels.

When seeking or drawing up a design, make sure you make the rack deep enough so that the largest part of the bottle can be contained. That usually requires at least 7 inches, but you may want to go a little more just to be safe. Also, a deeper wine rack will be more stable, which is safer for you and for the wine.

There are two very simple ways of going about your wine rack design. You can create a grid of “holes” for the bottles, which is both easy to build and design. Another option is to create diamond shaped holes, which is still not terribly difficult, but may require a little more detailed attention on your part.

Finally, you can buy your wood and put together the rack. Consider drilling pilot holes before entering any screws or nails. This will prevent cracking, especially since you will likely work with smaller pieces of wood on this project. Additionally, make sure you seal the wood well in case of an accidental spill or bottle breakage. You don’t want to ruin the bottle and the rack, do you? Finally, you may want to consider making your wine rack so that it can be mounted to the wall. This can prevent it being knocked over accidentally, tilting, or any other accidents. Also, this just gives it more stability when taking bottles out or putting more in.

Building a wine rack is not hard. It is essentially a matter or nailing or screwing a series of measured boards together in a pattern. However, as with any project it is crucial that you plan well. Make sure your wine rack plan, whether yours or someone else’s, keeps the bottles horizontal (or at least in a position where the cork stays wet). Additionally, take care to ensure the rack is solid and will not spill easily. Once you have plans like that, you are well on your way to self-made custom wine rack for your entertainment area.