How To Build A Flower Window Box

To add a little bit of summer beauty to your home, you can build a flower window box. This will give your window color while allowing the fragrance of flowers to waft through your home with the summer breezes. Building one yourself is quite simple and a project you may want to take on the next time you feel the need to get out the carpentry equipment.

The key to any carpentry project, including the building of a window box, is proper planning. To get started, make sure you plan out the size of your box. Additionally, consider what wood you want to use. This is a project for which scrap wood works well, but the choice is yours. Once you have decided on material and size, you can cut the sides and bottom of your box and lay them out in position. This is called dry-fitting. This will allow you to see if there are going to be any problems with the fit.

Next, you will want to glue and clamp the pieces you have cut together in the shape of your box. You can also drill holes and screw the pieces together to create a sturdier box that will last longer. If you can find them in your local hardware store, you can then use buttons to cover up the screw heads once they are installed.

In order to create a good planting environment, you have to prevent root rot. This is done by releasing excess water form the plant soil. In order to make sure this is not a problem with your window flower box, drill a series of holes in the bottom. Something around 1/8 of an inch will work, but you can vary that a little. Just make sure there is plenty of drainage.

Finally, you can get your box ready for the elements. Stain it to the color you desire, depending on the wood you choose to use. Then, after letting it dry over night, seal it with a good wood sealant that is safe around plants. Once that is done, you are ready to hang the box from your window and plant your flowers.

To hang the box on your window, you will want to install strips of wood. These will provide space between the window and the box. This space allows for proper air circulation and keeps plants from overheating. Once the strips are installed, drill some pilot holes to avoid cracking and anchor the box. Once it is anchored, plant your flowers and you are set.

As you can see, building a flower window box is not difficult. Additionally, it is a great way to make good use of your scrap wood from the shop. With such a low cost and easy build, you can make several boxes in a day so that your entire home can be well decorated with flowers.

WARNING: Use caution and proper eye protection any time you use saws, stains, or sealants with wood to prevent injury or illness.