The Most Common Reasons Your Dryer Don’t Work

With today’s busy lifestyle there’s very few homes that don’t have a dryer. Washers and dryers are one set of appliances that get used a lot, but if you have kids it can seem like your washer and dryer never stops running.

Seems like when you’re in the biggest hurry to get clean clothes is right when you toss a load into the dryer and nothing happens. Maybe the dryer just won’t start, it’s been running for an hour and your clothes are still wet, or they’re way too hot!

Before you call a professional repairman, there are a few things that you can check yourself. Many of the causes of common problems are just simple things that you can do yourself.

If your dryer just won’t start when you push the button, check the power breaker first. Things can sometimes happen that the breaker is overloaded and it will throw without your knowledge. If you’re lucky you’ll just need to turn the breaker back on and your dryer will be ready to go.

There’s also the possibility that the thermostat, timer, start switch or terminal block is bad. About the only way to really check these parts is with a VOM meter. You will need to check them while the electricity is on to see if the parts are getting any power.

If you’ve never did anything like this yourself, you may want to call a professional or find someone that has done this type of repair before. Working with live electricity can be very dangerous and isn’t for the amateur do it yourself handy person.

Sometimes you might open your dryer door and realize that your clothes have gotten to hot to handle! This is a dangerous problem that should be taken care of immediately. A dryer that gets too hot could easily catch fire and the results could be devastating.

Probably the most common reason that your dryer overheats is a bad thermostat. The vent could also be clogged and the dryer isn’t getting the air circulation that it needs. Another problem could be that the  heating coils need replaced.

If you’ve thrown a load of clothes in the dryer and turned it on and nothing happens, then the dryer belt is most likely the culprit. After years of usage belts can just snap or become stretched and too loose to turn the drum.

The drum roller could also be bad and just need to be replaced. The roller is what turns the drum and can be found underneath it. If the roller is still good, it is probably the dryer pulley or even the motor.

You go to the dryer to get you nice clean, dry clothes out, but they’re still soaking wet! It could be as simple as a blown fuse, you can check the fuse by holding it up to the light and looking for a broken filament.

A bad heating coil is one of the most common reasons for a dryer with no heat! A bad temperature switch, timer or thermostat can also be the reason that your dryer doesn’t have any heat.

You will need to use a VOM meter to check the electrical parts of any appliance. The VOM meter has probes that you touch to electrical terminals to see if they’re getting the electricity they need to operate. You can follow the instructions that came with your VOM to properly check these parts.

There are many different brands of appliances and it’s best to have a diagram of your particular model to replace any parts that have gone bad. But, having an idea of what the problem might be is a great place to start.