How To Remove Stains From Your Dryer Drum

Seems like no matter how careful you are to check all of the pockets before laundering clothes, sometimes things just get overlooked. If you have small children, then you’ve probably found some really weird things in your washer or dryer at one time or another!

Some things that get left in pockets can ruin a whole load of clothes, it can also melt to the inside of your dryer and transfer to other loads that you do. And, some stuff seems almost impossible to remove once it’s melted on to a hot, metal dryer drum!

I try to check all of the pockets before I wash anything. But, sometimes I just get in a big hurry and although I check pockets, I guess I just don’t check them real good. It’s not so bad now, but when my kids were younger I was always finding something besides clothes in the washer or dryer.


If the inside of your dryer is rainbow colored from crayons, don’t despair you can get it off the drum. There are several ways to clean the colorful waxy residue off. One method is to use WD-40 or a similar spray lubricant.

Spray the lubricant on a damp rag, don’t spray it directly on the drum, it is flammable! Wipe the melted crayon with the rag to remove the crayon, you may have to repeat the process with more lubricant added to the rag. Once you’ve gotten the crayon off, clean the interior with a clean damp cloth to remove as much of the lubricant residue as you can.

As an added precaution, you can throw some dry rags into the dryer and run it for a few minutes. Then check them to make sure there’s no color remaining. If you have a gas dryer, leave the door open and let it set overnight before running the dryer to make sure the lubricant can evaporate.


Next to crayons, gum is probably the worst gooey mess you can get in a dryer. Gum can be removed in the same way that you remove crayons. A product called Goo-Gone is also an excellent way to get rid of gum. And, just like magic erasers can get lot’s of things off the walls, it will remove the last traces of gum and crayon left in the dryer.

Another great way to remove gum or crayons is with an ordinary dryer sheet. Turn the dryer on for about ten minutes to get the stain warm, then use a damp dryer sheet to rub the stain off the area. Spray fabric refresher will usually work as well.


If you’ve overlooked an ink pen and it’s all over your dryer drum, try some hairspray! While working at a clothing store years ago, I learned a trade secret! Hairspray will literally dissolve most types of ink. Spray enough hair spray on a dry rag to wet a area of the rag and rub the ink until it comes off.

You don’t want to spray the hair spray into the holes in the drum. But, you can soak a rag with it and lay it on the spot for a few minutes to dissolve it. An all purpose spray cleaner will also remove ink sometimes depending on the type of ink it is.


Everyone has probably had something fade in their dryer at one time. A brand new pair of jeans, a black shirt or something that has left a shade of dye on the drum. One of the best ways to remove dye is to clean it with a damp cloth and diluted bleach solution.

Make sure that you rinse it thoroughly with a clean damp cloth to remove any left over bleach. Those amazing magic erasers will also remove dye from your drum. You can also use nail polish remover or a damp dryer sheet.

You have to be careful when using any type of cleaning fluid inside your dryer drum. Some household cleaners contain flammable chemicals. While you need to be more careful with gas dryers, even electric dryers can catch fire if the fluids get down into the vent holes. Make sure that you don’t let anything drain down into the holes and you rinse the areas thoroughly with clean water.