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Basic Steps For Remodeling a Basement

A basement can add a lot of value to a home, it’s like having a whole additional story that’s just located underground! It’s also a great way to add some much needed space to a home that’s not quite as large as you’d like. The first step in finishing or remodeling a basement is of [...]


How To Pickle Wood To Add Vintage Charm

Lot’s of people have an immense appreciation for the look of vintage, aged furniture. Antique furniture is a highly sought after home furnishing, but antique pieces can cost thousands of dollars. The alternative is to make new pieces look antique!
Faux painting methods are becoming more popular everyday as homeowners seek out ways to have the [...]


Understanding Basic Woodworking Terms

If you’ve got a lot of experience with woodworking, then all of the technical terms aren’t much of a mystery. But, if you’re an amateur that just loves doing woodwork as a hobby or likes doing your own home repairs, some of the terms used can be pretty confusing.
By knowing what each term means, you [...]


How To Apply Weather Stripping To a Garage Door

Many homeowners prepare for cold weather by insulating, caulking and apply weather stripping to their homes. But, one of the most forgotten places that needs to be weather stripped is the garage door. While hardly anyone heats their garage, sealing the cracks can still help in keeping lot’s of cold air out.
Weather stripping your garage [...]

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