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How To Properly Hang Wallpaper Border

Wallpaper borders can really add a lot to the beauty and style of your room. The colors and designs available in borders is almost endless, so there’s sure to be something that will fit in with the rest of your rooms decor.
Borders can add definition to plain painted walls and be used as a separator [...]


Creative Uses For Wallpaper Borders

There are probably as many beautiful wallpaper borders as there are wallpaper designs. In fact, manufacturers realize that a border can give your wallpaper that added finishing touch and make borders that match almost of their wallpaper designs.
Of course, a border can add a lot of design, color or interest in a room that has [...]


Tips For Choosing A Wallpaper Pattern

Wallpaper comes in an unlimited amount of colors and designs and if you’re shopping for wallpaper you’ll probably find it hard to choose your favorite. The wallpaper that you use will quickly define a room, small floral patterns create a more casual and country look. While bold geometric designs make any room look more modern [...]


The Best Way to Clean Each Type of Wallpaper

If you’ve ever purchased wallpaper or even just shopped for it, then you have an idea of how much it costs. While you can find good deals, most wallpaper is fairly expensive. So instead of replacing your wallpaper, why not just clean it?
Wallpapers have been washable for around 25 years, but if you’ve ever tried [...]

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