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Quick Fix for a Tired Kitchen

Until recently, we lived in an old house. Not old enough to be considered historical, or even classic, just old enough to be considered junky. There’s not a straight line or level plane anywhere in sight, and without a total demolition and reconstruction, we’re pretty much limited to cosmetic fixes.Being rather limited, income wise (which [...]


Fun Kids Rooms For Cheap

Kids are fickle creatures. Their passions change weekly, if not daily. A parent can go crazy, not to mention broke, trying to decorate a kid’s room in the style that he wants right now. Let’s not even think about that fact that as a child gets older, the Barney motif is out, and Junior will [...]


Fool Proof Color Coordination

Many of us are afraid to try coordinating colors in a room. This fear can be acquired by simple self doubt, or the experience of walking into a friend’s room and swearing that you will never, ever make the mistake of trying to combine colors in case it should end up looking like that. Fear [...]


Do It Yourself Unique Borders

We recently bought a new house. Well, it’s actually a very old house, 100 years old, but in great shape. I’ve been trying to do some cosmetic work on the inside that will personalize it, but not cost a fortune. The 3/4 bath downstairs was painted a hideous shade of Pepto Bismal pink with a [...]

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