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Cleaning and Caring for Your Carpet the Green Way

Everyone loves the feel of clean carpet. But clean carpet requires regular cleaning and not all cleaning methods are green friendly. In fact, some of the chemicals used by professional carpet cleaners are very toxic and non-green. You want to minimize any chemical detergents, solvents, or cleansers as much as possible so that you can [...]


Freshening Up Your Garbage Disposal

Many times if you do not periodically clean your garbage disposal it can start to smell. Many times you do not clean their garbage disposal often, hey its no fun, and because of this you will start to notice those odors. Even after you clean your garbage disposal there are some things that you can [...]


Ladie’s You Can Change Your Own Flat Tire!

There’s no good time to have a flat tire, but the worst time is either late at night or when there’s no one around to help you with the job! But, ladies you can learn how to change your own tire and prevent yourself from being stranded in the middle of nowhere!
Sure most of us [...]


How To Keep Your Roses Disease Free

One of the main problems in growing roses is insects and diseases. Roses are especially susceptible to aphids, although the newer hybrid roses are more resistant than the general garden roses.
The three most usual diseases that roses suffer are rust, powdery mildew and black spot. Knowing how to diagnose your roses and treat them can [...]

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