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How to Make Your Skylight Leak Proof

A very annoying, and sometimes costly, thing to have is a skylight that leaks. You should use waterproof underlayment as well as weave metal step flashing on the shingles on your roof in order to make your skylight leak proof. This is not a difficult job and can be an important one so water does [...]


How to Install Gate Posts

Gate posts are generally sunk into the ground much like fence posts are. But because a gate should be stronger than a regular fence the gate posts need to be more solid and sturdy to ensure that the entire gate is sturdy.


How to Install Gutters to the Roof of Your House

Gutters on your home are important as they help keep water out of your basement. The gutter can catch water that comes off your roof and run it away from the foundation of your home. If you install seasonal gutters it is a much easier job than installing decorative gutters.


How to Install a Closet Rod

Having a sturdy closet rod can free up space in your closet and organize your clothing as well. A closet rod is not difficult to install and it can keep your clothes organized and off the ground.

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