Have You Tried Jig-A-Loo?

Yeah, it’s definitely a weird name. When my wife asked me what it was for I quickly read the label and mentioned one of its many uses. Why I chose to tell her it a water proof lubricant I will never know. In any event I had to quickly explain it was not some adult product but rather a lubrication to use around the house with hundreds of uses….

I suppose though it does have its place in the nightstand by the bed. Take a look at this demo page and click on the 1950’s link to see what I mean :-) Demos

And it sure has a long list if uses! I tried it on several items around the house that needed lubricating and cleaned up so they would work better and I loved it! I sure hope you can help me get the word out about this awesome product since I think it works better than the more popular name brand lubricants on the market.

I was able to use it on some hinges that needed loosened up and it worked great. No more irritating squeeking. Get a load of this as well; I used it to waterproof a pair of my wallking boots. I was able to walk through a creek easily with no water leaking in. I love this stuff!

Here’s a list of what this stuff can do:

 From car doors to dresser drawers, Jig-A-Loo unsticks all kinds of stuff that’s stuck. It protects nuts, bolts, car locks, and more from the elements. Silence a noisy clothesline, car door, and more with a single spray. Unlike other lubricants, Jig-A-Loo contains no grease. It won’t stain and sprays on without drips.

Don’t miss out on this product. Visit the company website and order some today and make sure you ask your retailer to stock it for you since this stuff is going to become a product you never want to be without!  Jig-A-Loo.com