Safety Tips for Cleaning Inside the Home

There are many injuries that happen when people clean their homes. Here are a few tips in order to clean the home in the safest manner.

* Clean up Clutter around the home – Before you start to clean you need to pick up the clutter around your home. This should be done before scrubbing, vacuuming, and dusting. The more room you have to clean the faster you can get the job done not having to stop to pick things up.

* Secure cords around the home – You need to make sure that electrical and phone cords are secure before cleaning so you do not trip over them.

* Use stairway railings – If you are cleaning in the stairway area use one hand to hold onto the railing. When cleaning you may reach and loose your balance and may fall down the stairs. Go a little slower and hold onto railings in order to keep your balance.

* Do not carry piles higher than eye level – If the pile is so high that you cannot see over it you have more of a chance to trip over something. Take more than one trip to make sure you do not run into or trip over anything.

* Follow directions – You need to always make sure to read the directions and warnings on household cleaners. Never mix cleaners to try to make a more powerful cleaning product. If the stain is not coming out just try a little more elbow grease instead of mixing products, as you can make the stain worse.

* If an area in your home needs more than one cleaner wait until the first one has completed its job. Make sure you remove all of the residue from the first cleaner before using another one. The mixture can be harmful to you and the surfaces you are cleaning.

* Follow safety precautions – If the cleaner says to use rubber gloves or a face mask make sure to do so. Even if it is a small job there are reasons why the precautions are printed on the cleaning products.

* Always close containers – Make sure you always close the containers for cleaning products. You can prevent spills from occurring and fumes from escaping. Even if you are taking a short break, close the container, as it is better to be safe than sorry.

* Cover buckets – If you are cleaning with a bucket always make sure you cover it and never leave it unattended. An open bucket with cleaning products or even water is a hazard for small pets and especially small children.

Proper disposal of cleaning supplies – Always follow the correct procedure when disposing or storing cleaning products. Never just throw them away if it says they need special disposal methods. Make sure you always secure cleaners that are toxic so that pets and children will not get into them.

Throw away cleaning rags that have been used with toxic materials – Do not just store these rags as they can be flammable and let off toxic fumes. Make sure to throw them away in a proper manner.

Author: Jason Green