How to Remove Decals From Windows

Removing decals from your window can be difficult if you do not have the right equipment. If you are prepared and have the right equipment it can be a much easier job. There is more than one way to remove decals from your windows.

Using Natural Solutions

If the decal on the window is not very old you can generally get it off with some water and a putty knife. You can wet the decal and let it sit for a minute or so. Then get a clean rag to sponge the water onto the decal or get a spray bottle to do the task as well. Now that the water has soaked into the decal you take the putty knife and gently scrape the decal off. If there is resistance when you are trying to remove the decal you may want to try some white vinegar.

White vinegar can be put on the decal, much like water, so it will soak in. Now use the putty knife to scrape off the decal. If there is resistance let the vinegar soak for a little longer. If the decal is not wet enough with the vinegar you can add some more and repeat the process.

Using Commercial Solutions

One of the best commercial solutions to use in order to remove decals from your windows is WD-40. You can spray the decal evenly with the WD-40. Be careful so you do not spray any on yourself, the curtains, or other areas of the window. Now get a clean cloth and wipe the WD-40 off the decal. Now it should peel right off the window. If the decal is a stubborn one you can use a putty knife to gently scrape it off.

Another way to get a decal off is to spray the decal with a type of commercial adhesive remover. If the decal is on the window of your car than you can by an adhesive that is especially designed for automobiles. These types of adhesives can be found at auto parts stores.

Make sure that you read the instructions and warnings carefully and follow their specific guidelines. You will probably just have to spray on the adhesive onto your car window and the sticker can come off pretty easily. Again, if it is a stubborn one use a putty knife to gently scrape it off.


It may be a good idea to buy a small sprayer and fill it with vinegar especially for cleaning.

* If you do not have a putty knife you also can use a dull kitchen knife, like a butter knife. Do not use sharp knives as you can scratch the window.

Author: Jason GreenĀ