Common Planting Mistakes

Many people make common planting mistakes in their yard. Making mistakes when planting can make the landscape look bad and can also kill the plants. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when planting.

* Placement of plant materials – This is the most common mistake people make. Many times the plants or trees are not spaced properly and put too close together. You have to make sure that you know the mature size of the plant or tree that you plant. Know how big they will become as well as how much room they will need and the spacing can be made easier.

* Exposure – The exposure that the planted items receive will have an affect on the size and health of what you are planting. The style of pruning you use will also affect the size and spacing. Therefore you need to find out the best exposure to the sun for each plant and tree you plant. When you are planting something near your home you need to see what maintenance may have to be done in the area. Painting and cleaning around plants and trees is not easy and the planted items can be damaged when performing these jobs. Make sure you leave plants and trees in an area where you still have access to things such as electric outlets and other utilities.

* The view of the landscape – Many people make the mistake of not considering the view of the landscape when planting. You can plant nice things but if you cannot see them there is no point. Many people design with a view from the back porch or from the front curb. You have to make sure it looks nice from the view areas. If you make sure to do this well, when planting, it can also raise the value of your property. You have to determine where you will be enjoying the view of what is planted. Much of the time we are indoors so try to create landscapes that can be seen from the indoors as well.

Maintenance of the landscape – If you have a lawn you need to see how the mower will work around various things you plant. The planting can look great but if it is a major hassle to avoid them while mowing it may not be worth it. You have to be aware how the maintenance of your landscape will be affected by its design. Trees that provide shade are great for lawns and you can put a plant basin around the trees to make mowing your lawn easier. This is also beneficial for the tree as it will give it better moisture. Many landscape beginners use too many colorful perennials and flowers. You need to look into all the principles of the landscape before designing it. Color is great to use in landscapes but you also need proper from, texture and scale.

Find directions – If you are not sure how much to water or what nutrients to give things you plant find it out beforehand. By improper watering and feeding techniques you can have plants that are not as healthy, therefore not looking as attractive. It can also be the case that you kill the plants by not properly taking care of them. Ask an expert or look on the Internet fir the proper way to take care of individual plants and trees.

Author: Jason Green