How to Get Rid of Smoke Odors in a New Home

When you buy a home and the previous owners were smokers it is more than likely that there will be lingering smoke odors. Because of this you should follow some steps in order to get rid of the smoke odors.

Here are some simple steps you can take in order to remove smoke odors from a new home you just bought.

* Make sure to wash everything – This is the most important thing as the entire inside of the house should be scrubbed from top to bottom. You should make sure to thoroughly wash down the baseboards, doors and plastic blinds. You also need to scrub down things such as light fixtures and fan blades. Anything that was exposed to the smoke will carry the odors of smoke. Anything in the home that can be taken down off the windows or walls should be taken off and scrubbed in the sink. You can also take these things outside and wash them on the lawn by hosing them down.

* Remove the carpet and padding – You may need to replace the carpet and padding as these items will become permeated with smoke odors. In the best case scenario you can give the carpet a good shampoo job. Make sure you change the water often and use only professional cleaning soap. It is also a good idea to use extensions on the carpet shampooer in order to reach all the places that are hard to get to.

* Use a heavy duty primer on the walls. A heavy duty primer will seal in the smoke odors on the walls before you apply the finishing coat. Many times the smoke residue will gather in walls. This will make the paint uneven when applying it and also contribute the odor in the house. By using a base primer the smoke odors are locked in and the outer layer of the finishing coat of paint will not be affected by the smoke odor underneath.

* Clean the baseboards – You should spray the baseboards in your home with a mixture of lemon juice and water. You can also place coffee beans around the house as they will absorb odors. You can also burn candles around the home in order to cover the odor. As much as possible you should open windows to ventilate the house so the odors can escape.

Worst Case Scenario: If the smoke odors are extreme and none of these steps work as you still have the smoke odor you may have to have duct work done or have the chimneys cleaned. Houses that have gone through many years of smoke exposure may need to have both of these actions taken in order to eliminate them from the home.

Author: Jason Green