How to Clean the Outside of Your Home Safely

There are many injuries that happen when people are cleaning the outside of their home. There are some important safety tips to remember when you clean the outside of your home.

Here are some tips to follow so you can avoid injury when you are cleaning outside of your home.

* Clearing clutter – Before you start to clean, trim, or paint the outside of your home be sure to remove anything that may get in the way. You should check your lawn, garden, driveway, deck, porch, walkway, and sidewalk.

* Make sure garden hoses are secure – You should draw up your garden hoses so they will not be in the way. Many times people trip over garden hoses that are not drawn up.

* Do not carry a pile of things higher than eye level – If you are not able to see over the pile of things that you are carrying the pile is too big. If you cannot see over the pile you increase the chance of you falling as you cannot see what is in front of you. Take more than one trip and use a wheelbarrow if necessary.

* Follow Directions – On all cleaning products you should make sure to follow directions and read the precautions with the product. Do not take short cuts when using cleaning products as many have harmful chemicals. Also never try to mix cleaning products to make a better cleaner. This is unsafe and never recommended. By cleaning things such as stains with a mixed cleaner it can, many times, make the stain worse. If the products say to wear rubber gloves than do so. The precautions are on the product for a reason and all the precautions should be followed in order to do the job in a safe manner.

Do not leave cleaning containers open – When you are done cleaning or even when taking a break close the containers so that the fumes do not escape and the product won’t spill if knocked over. This is also the case for buckets that have cleaning materials as they should be secured so that they do not spill or children or pets do not fall in. Buckets filled with products or even water are a danger to small children and pets.

* Ladder Safety – Never go any higher on the ladder than the ladder states. There will be rung on the ladder which states that it is the last step. By going any higher the balance is thrown off and it is easier to loose your balance. If possible have someone else secure the ladder by holding it for you. Also do not place your ladder on things such as rugs and uneven ground. Do not be lazy when using a ladder as it is much safer to move the ladder more times instead of trying to reach too high or too far, which makes the latter less balanced, therefore giving it more chance to fall from under you.

Use safety equipment and clothing – If at all possible use all the safety equipment and clothing you can. Safety goggles and face masks should be used when working with chemicals. Also baggy clothing is not good to work with as it can get caught on many objects. Always wear solid closed toed shoes when working on jobs outside the home.

* Properly dispose of products after cleaning – When you are done using cleaning products make sure they are disposed or stored properly. Many times just throwing them away is not recommended. If the products call for special disposal follow the directions and do not take any shortcuts. Harmful chemicals not stored or disposed of properly can be harmful to the environment, and more importantly harmful to people.

Author: Jason Green