How to Remove a Bathtub

When you install a new bathtub or are doing bathroom remodeling you need to remove your bathtub. Here are few steps you can take when you remove the tub from your bathroom.

* Find shut off valves and Turn off the water – After you have all the supplies and tools you need to install your new bathtub you need to remove the old one. The first thing you should do is to turn off the water. It would be very wet and messy if you remove the tub without turning off the water. There should be an access panel to the water shut off valves. Be sure to check the wall behind the plumbing as it can be in a hidden place. If the bathtub location is on the first floor and you can’t locate the access panel, you should look in the basement. The shutoff may be under the tub and you can get to them from the basement ceiling. The last thing you can do is to break a small hole in the wall in order to turn off the water. If you have to turn off the water this way try to do it from the back side inside a closet and then install an access panel. You can save yourself more work in the future if you ever happen to have a leak that is inside the wall.

Remove the handles and the spout – After the water has been turned off you can remove the handles and the fill spout. When removing the spout it should be able to twist off, as you can do this by hand or with a wrench if it is tight. If you will be re-using the spout you can pad the jaws of the wrench with a rag or soft cloth. You are now at the point where you will be able to remove the old tub.

* Taking out the tub – One of the harder things to do is getting your old tub out and the new one in. Generally bathrooms are not very big and it is difficult to get large and heavy objects through the door. If you have a tub made of old cast iron, or bought a cast iron tub, you will not be able to lift the tub over your head and get it into the corner of the bathroom. Many times by removing the toilet you can have a lot more room to work with. It also may be the case that it will be easier to remove the vanity as well. This will be the case if the vanity or toilet is up against the tub.

* If you have removed the toilet before starting to install the new tub or feel you have enough room you can use a pry bar to break the old tub from the floor. If you want to save the floor be careful not to damage it with the pry bar. You can place a towel underneath any fulcrum point you have. If you have a ceramic time floor, be sure that you place a piece of wood to act as a buffer between the floor so that the tile doesn’t crack. When the tub breaks free of the floor you should be able to pull the tub straight out.

Author: Jason Green