What to look for when Choosing a Table Saw

When doing any kind of wood work one of the most important tools can be a table saw. A table saw that is of quality will be the main tool of any good woodworker. The table saw is used to rip, square, miter, groove, and shape and join pieces. Having a good table saw is very important as it can make any job working with wood easier. There are several things you should look for when you choose a good table saw. Here are a few things that you should find on a table saw before you purchase it.

* The Main Features of a Table Saw – The table saw should have a heavy work surface that is smooth so the wood can easily move over it. The saw should also have a handle for adjustment of the blade on the saw and a connection for the collection of dust. Look for the motor on the table saw and make sure it is strong enough to deal with the wood you will be working with. A table saw with a stronger motor will cut through thick wood better. Also make sure that the motor does not vibrate too much and starts smoothly.

* Safety Features – The two main safety features on all table saws are a blade guard and a large on/off switch. The blade guard will protect you from the exposed blade of the saw. Many of the table saws nowadays have a large paddle switch which when pulled turns the saw off and when pushed to turn the saw off. This is a good option to have on a table saw because many times your hands will be busy steadying the wood and you can turn the saw off with your knee.

* The Rip Fence – The Rip Fence is very important when looking into buying a table saw. A fence that is of good quality will be parallel to the blade of the saw. It will also have controls for when you need to adjust the fence. Many of the table saws that are of the large variety will have a Biesemeyer type fence. This type of fence is strong and sturdy enough to be able to rip large stock wood easier and smoother and it will let you securely clamp a strip or feather board onto the fence.

* The Miter Gage – Many of the table saws that are on the market today will have a miter gauge in order to make angled cross-cuts. Some of the top of the line table saws will have a T-groove in the table of the saw in order to aid the miter gauge from coming out of the groove when it is being used. The miter gauge of the saw should be one that slides easily and smoothly without being too loose. The miter Gauge should also be clearly marked in order to set the right angles for cutting the wood.

* Various Options – There are other options that are available on many table saws that can be very useful such as sliding tables and different jigs. Look into what type of woodworking you will be doing and see if you will need any of the optional tools that come with table saws.

The best thing to do before purchasing a table saw is to pinpoint exactly what you need in a saw. Once you know this you can look for the right table saw for the jobs you will be doing.

Author: Jason Green