How to find Antique Car Parts

Having an antique car can be a great thrill as by driving down the street you will definitely be noticed. An antique care can also be a great investment as the older the cars are the greater their value. There are a lot of people that decide to restore an older car that they have bought. This involves a lot of time and effort but the result can be well worth it.

One of the first things you need to look into when restoring an older car is where to find parts for the car. These antique car parts can be difficult to locate. Typically you can’t just walk into an auto parts store and get what you want because many times they do not have them since they do not make them anymore. You have to do some research in order to find the antique parts you need for your car.

One of the first places you can look for antique car parts is on the Internet. You can do a search for the part you need, as you can type in “antique car parts” the name of the part and then the city where you live. If you have any luck you can find it locally but if not you can order it from anywhere but it will just cost more to ship. If you do not find the antique part you are looking for there are also online research stores where car parts is their specialty. There are also companies that will help people find the parts they are looking for much like a locator service. You will request the part you need and they do all the work for you finding where you can buy that part. You will have to pay a finders fee but and buy the part at the price that was quoted to them.

Another place to find antique car parts is stores that specialize in these types of parts. They have a collection of various parts and can offer them over the Internet of in their land based stores. You can look on the Internet and do a search for “antique car parts sellers” and see what comes up. There will be charges for shipping but if you find a part that is tough to find it can be worth the extra cost.

You can also find antique car parts in your local newspaper. Many times collectors will decide to sell of parts to their older cars. You can just look through the listings and get in touch with the seller and inquire about the part and the condition it is in. Then you can deal with the issues of price. Many times the sellers are anxious to get rid of the parts and will give you a good price. Make sure you inspect the part carefully and make sure it will work.

Sometimes you will be able to find a good antique car part at an auto wrecker lot. They have cars that were not restored and they have become so old and damaged that they are now only used for their parts. There are auto wreckers that will keep a detailed inventory on the car parts that they have. You can call them up and ask them if they have the part you are looking for. Auto wreckers generally prefer that the customers come to their location and look over the older vehicles and get the parts themselves. If you do this you may want to bring some tools in case you find the part you want. This can be the least expensive way to purchase for antique parts.

Even though it can take some research you can get the antique car part you are looking for so you can completely restore you’re your vehicle.

Author: Jason Green