A Step-by-Step way to Waterproof your Deck

A deck can be a beautiful addition to the outside of your home. But once it is competed you need to take care of it so it stays beautiful for years. Many decks are made of wood and wood ages and is not weather resistant. One of the things you can do is to waterproof your deck so it will stay beautiful longer. Here is a step-by-step method on how to properly waterproof your outside wooden deck.

* Make sure the deck is cleaned beforehand. Clear all dirt and debris from the deck. It is a good idea to make sure that you give the wooden deck a thorough sweep as any dirt that is on the deck will make it so the waterproofing sealer will not stick as well.

* Since you will be using waterproofing materials you should cover all the area that surrounds the deck with a drop-cloth. You do not want any of the weatherproofing sealer getting over things such as deck chairs and tables as well as outside furniture You should also try to move any furniture a safe distance away from the deck.

* You can apply the waterproofing sealer using a sprayer or roller. If it gets windy or you are not experienced using a sprayer a roller might be a better method and with a roller you can be sure that you hit every spot on the deck. NOTE: To use the right waterproofing sealer you should talk to an expert at a hardware store or lumber yard so they can help you in finding the right sealer for your wood deck.

* If there are puddles of sealer after you finish take a paint brush and evenly brush the excess sealer across the deck. The more evenly the sealer is laid on the deck the less chance of discoloration and better chance of deck protection.

* After you have evenly placed the sealer on the entire deck let the sealer sit for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Make sure the sealer is completely dry before doing anything that will cause dust or debris to come in contact with the sealer. If dust or dirt does come in contact with the sealer it may cause discoloration and it will not protect as well.

* With the empty or leftover containers of sealer you have you have to check with local disposal regulations when disposing of the sealer. If you do want to keep the sealer for touch ups at a later time make sure the container is sealed completely. NOTE: Read the instructions about storage as usually they will have tips on how to save it and what not to do, such as leaving the can exposed to heat.

* Let the deck stand at least 48 hours before walking on the deck. You may want to wait more time if it is humid outside or it does not look completely dry.

Waterproofing a deck is a somewhat easy process but what is important to remember even before starting the project is to make sure you have the right waterproofing sealer and make sure the deck is completely clean before taking on the project. By waterproofing your outside wooden deck you can add years to it and keep it beautiful longer as it will be protected against the elements.

Author: Jason Green