Techniques To A Great Looking, Low Maintenance Lawn

We all know that the real homeowners dream is a lush, green perfect lawn that requires almost no work to maintain and that is cheap to grow. The simplest solution to this problem that fills all the required needs is to grown an organic lawn. The organic lawn is the easiest to maintain, comes with a very low price tag, and is hearty against the effects of nature resulting in a picture perfect yard. When you grow an organic yard you need to monitor the way that you mow the lawn, and how you water if you want that picture perfect yard.


Mowing an organic lawn is much different than a normal yard and you will need to use techniques that you aren’t used to in order to get ideal results from your organic lawn. The first major difference with the organic lawn is that you don’t want to cut it as low as you normally would lawn. You should instead set the mower to cut approximately three to four inches bout the ground for the ideal cut. Leaving the organic grass at this length will reduce its chance of diseases and will also allow it to fill in quicker resulting in the lush look.

Another added bonus of cutting your grass three to four inches above ground level is that it doesn’t matter how often you cut your grass. This creates an avenue for you to fight the weeds on your lawn without reducing to the use of pesticides that can damage the natural look of your lawn. By going over your lawn only once a week you will ensure that you never see a weed all summer long. After you have finished cutting the grass you want to make sure that you leave the cut grass where it lies. With organic grass this actually helps your lawn as it creates food for grass to eat and helps recycle nutrients.


Another major benefit of the organic lawn is that it needs to be watered less often than regular grass. You should only water your organic lawn when it is starting to show signs of thirst including wilting. Another great tactic that you can use to prevent weeds is by using water as a weapon. If you drop at least half an inch of water when you are watering this will make your organic grass stretch its roots deeper into the soil which will eventually kill weeds by preventing them from accessing the moisture in the ground.